Asian Americans Rallying Behind Senator Mark Miloscia

30th District Senator Mark Miloscia is widely considered a hero to many local Asian Americans. The video clip of him questioning Senator Bob Hasegawa during SB6406 public hearing has been widely circulated among Asian Americans with Chinese and Korean subtitles. SB6406 intended to quietly repeal I-200, an initiative that passed with 59% voter support 20 … Read more

47th LD Senator Joe Fain Met with Chinese Americans

47th District Senator Joe Fain met with a group of more than 40 Chinese Americans on Saturday, September 22nd, at Newcastle Library. Senator Joe Fain was elected in 2010, has served two terms, 8 years in senate, and is Senate Minority Floor Leader and member of Senate Republican Caucus. Education is an important topic to … Read more

41st LD Candidate My-Linh Thai Going After a Small Blog Site

My-Linh Thai obviously is very bothered by a small blog site . Her campaign consulting firm filed a PDC campaign against this one month old site recently. In the PDC complaint, Thai’s campaign accused the site “biased and inaccurate attack on Thai’s record”. On the contrary, blog site , laid out facts about who Thai really … Read more

41st LD State Representative Candidate My-Linh Thai is Hiding Her Political Agenda from Voters Again

My-Linh Thai is running for 41st District State Representative without revealing her true political agenda. After feeling the heat from our recent article questioning My-Linh Thai’s trustworthiness , Thai launched a carefully crafted article admitting she is pushing for Equity. What she did not tell 41st LD voters is that she is only pushing for racial … Read more

Senator Patty Kuderer Raided our State Rainy Day Fund on Sunny Day

Senator Patty Kuderder of 48th Legislative District listed lowering property taxes as one of her accomplishment in 2018. I happened to follow the bill, SB 6614, back in March. What Senator Kuderer did not tell voters in 48th District is that Kuderer and her Democrat colleagues creatively raided our Rainy Day Fund on sunny day … Read more

41st District My-Linh Thai’s Honest and Trustworthy Problem

My-Linh Thai is running for 41st LD State Representative. More than two months after she filed for her candidacy, and 2 weeks after we featured an article on our site questioning Thai lacked campaign issues, she finally posted her campaign priorities on her campaign web site. Given her background as BSD board member, not surprisingly, … Read more

Rodney Tom 48th District State Senate Campaign Fundraising Event

Rodney Tom is running for 48th LD State Senate. People from local Chinese American community have found that Tom’s views on education, taxes align with their views. To show their supports, more than 20 people attended a home fundraising event this past Sunday, and they raised $8,900 during the event for Tom’s campaign. After a … Read more

48th LD Sen. Patty Kuderer’s State Bank is a Terrible Idea

48th District State Senator Patty Kuderer wants a state bank. She said that she has lots of data to prove it is a great idea. Well, turns out, there is only one state-ran and state-owned bank in this country – the Bank of North Dakota.  However, in the 1800s, there were a number of state-owned banks … Read more

Michael Appleby 41st District State Representative Campaign Kick Off

41st District State Representative candidate, Michale Appleby, held a campaign kick off event at Top Gun Seafood Restaurant in Bellevue yesterday. Among Appleby’s supporters are a group of Chinese American parents. Appleby had a meet-and-greet meeting with some Chinese American parents in mid-May, and earned their supports. People like his views on education, fiscal responsibility, … Read more