Formal Discrimination Complaint Filed Against LWSD

On March 31, after more than a month’s effort to resolve the Blackwell Elementary Chinese New Year incident with LWSD failed, we filed a formal discrimination complaint against LWSD. LWSD superintendent and board were copied on this complaint. Dear Mr. Patterson, Recently, we received reports from the Chinese American community about a Washington Civil Rights … Read more

Blackwell Elementary Chinese American Community’s letter to LWSD

On March 18th, Blackwell Elementary principal, Jim Eaton, sent out an “apology” letter addressing the Blackwell Chinese New Year incident. The Chinese American community has repeatedly requested that the school and district rescind their decision to label the incident as “cultural appropriation” and issue an apology to Mrs. Nicholson and the Chinese American community. Yet, … Read more

Democrats should be held accountable for denying Chinese American History Month

In 1785, three Chinese immigrants landed in the US, starting Americans of Chinese descent’s long history in this country. In Washington, this history can be traced back to the beginning of the Washington Territory in 1853, at which time a measure was adopted to deny Chinese people the right to vote. Despite this discrimination, Chinese … Read more

Press Release – Calling it 21st century Chinese Exclusion, Chinese American community strongly condemns House Democratic Leadership for expelling Americans Of Chinese descent history month bill from WA state law

For Immediate ReleaseMarch 7, 2022 CALLING IT 21st CENTURY CHINESE EXCLUSION, CHINESE AMERICAN COMMUNITY STRONGLY CONDEMNS HOUSE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP FOR EXPELLING AMERICANS OF CHINESE DESCENT HISTORY MONTH BILL FROM WA STATE LAW Bellevue Washington – March 7, 2022 – Outraged by House Democratic Leadership’s expulsion of the Americans of Chinese descent history month bill from … Read more

How much does House Democrat hate the Chinese American Community?

We have been watching this legislative session’s bill cutoff day wrap up in front of our eyes in disbelief! The House Democratic Leadership valued pickleball over Chinese American history and passed the pickleball bill before the 5pm deadline, but did not bring the American of Chinese Descent History Month bill out for a floor vote.  Chinese immigrants first landed in … Read more