BSD Board My-Linh Thai’s Secret Racial Equity Agenda

Seattle Times endorsed My-Linh Thai for reelection in 2017, and praised her for her work on racial equity locally and statewide. also states “In her first term on the school board, she singlehandedly raised the issue of racial equity in education; because of her advocacy, racial equity is now a core guiding principle of … Read more

All Eyes On 2018 Election Now

Less than 24 hours after state’s legislative session ended, Governor Inslee sent out email asking for donations to support Democratic elections across the nation. Yes, campaign season has started. Asian Americans will no longer be a silent voice in this year’s election. We will vote for candidates that share our values and beliefs. We will … Read more

Repeal of I-200 Will Hurt Asian Americans in College Admission

CNN just came out with a news on March 10th: “Suit accusing Harvard of capping Asian-American admissions could be tried this summer“.  It is no secret that racial quota hurts Asian Americans’ chance to get into colleges and graduate schools. Asian American Coalition for Education has a long list of studies to prove that racial … Read more

Bellevue School District Equity Policy Meetings

Bellevue School District is creating an equity policy, and is holding “What Does Racial Equity Mean to You?” meetings to hear from parents and students. Equity is NOT Equality. It is important that we raise concerns and let our voices be heard. Please attend the meetings if you can. Otherwise, please fill out their equity … Read more

Asian American Voters Are Waking Up

Came across this great article by Ms. Helen Raleigh today, Asian Americans Should Take Their Loyalty And Their Vote Somewhere Else. In her article, she talked about the factors behind Asian Americans’ loyalty to Democratic candidates despite “have been hurt again and again by Democrat politicians and liberal policies.” She also called for Republican party to … Read more

Meeting with Mr. John Carlson

Mr. Carlson led a successful campaign that passed Initiative 200, Washington Civil Rights Initiative, in 1998. Outspent by 5 to 1, I-200 won 59% of votes. It won in 38 of the state’s 39 counties and almost carried King County as well.  20 years later, in 2018, Washington state legislators quietly introduced bill SB 6406 … Read more