The AGO Bent Over Backward to Political Insiders and Issued Misleading Ballot Titles to Mollify Initiative Sponsors

If you ever wondered how could the AGO issue those misleading ballot titles, read on, through Public Record Request, we unearthed disturbing political insider dealings at the AGO. Our recent Public Record Request showed that instead of issuing impartial ballot titles that identify the propositions to be voted on, under the heavy influence of a… Read More »

What History Has Taught Us?

Background: We have been sending a daily reminder to the Legislature (Senator Kuderer, Senator Majority Leader, Andy Billig included) since January 24th. This is our day 12 reminder. On 1/17, Senator Kuderer used words “Chinese Fire Drill” at a committee meeting, and people at the meeting laughed after her remark.  We are offended. Why have… Read More »

Joint Complaint Filed Against Senator Patty Kuderer Over Usage of Racist Words

On January 20th, 2020, WA Asians For Equality and American Coalition For Equality filed joint complaint against Senator Patty Kuderer. During the January 17th Senate Housing Stability & Affordability Committee meeting, Senator Kuderer used known racist words “Chinese Fire Drill”. Senator Kuderer has the reputation of treating Chinese Americans in her district without respect. In… Read More »

In Response to NW Asian Weekly’s Blog

This is a response to Ms. Ng’s blog on NW Asian Weekly. Although not surprised, it is definitely disappointing that NW Asian Weekly added another biased assaulting piece towards Asian Americans who refused to obey and follow the state’s Asian political establishment. Ms. Ng’s opinion piece was both biased and misleading. Political differences aside, Reject… Read More »

A Letter from NAS

National Association of Scholars (NAS) has been a strong supporter of Reject R-88 campaign. Not only they worked to bring national attention to the fight to protect equality for all in Washington, but also they called on their members to provide much needed financial support in October. We are grateful to have such a national… Read More »

A Response to Crosscut and Glenn Nelson’s Racist Op-Ed Towards Chinese Americans

Crosscut published Glenn Nelson’s racist op-ed towards Chinese Americans on October 8th, 2019. Glenn’s op-ed was crazy and insulting. After our protest through social media and email, Mason Bryan of Crosscut offered below: “I also want to offer you the opportunity to share your own thoughts on the affirmative action debate, either in our comment… Read More »


On Wednesday, August 7th, the Secretary of State certified Referendum Measure 88 (R-88) for the November general election.  “We set a record for number of signatures backing a referendum measure,” said Linda Yang, head of Washington Asians for Equality.  “And this is the first time in Washington State’s history and in this country’s history that… Read More »