41st LD State Representative Candidate My-Linh Thai is Hiding Her Political Agenda from Voters Again

My-Linh Thai is running for 41st District State Representative without revealing her true political agenda. After feeling the heat from our recent article questioning My-Linh Thai’s trustworthiness , Thai launched a carefully crafted article admitting she is pushing for Equity. What she did not tell 41st LD voters is that she is only pushing for racial equity, i.e. racial preferential treatment.

Several LWSD superintendent candidates from across the country clearly thinks that education equity is about helping students based on their individual needs, about helping students from lower social-economical status. A 2011 Stanford University study confirmed the correlation between income and academic achievement. The study states “the income achievement gap (defined here as the average achievement difference between a child from a family at the 90th percentile of the family income distribution and a child from a family at the 10th percentile) is now nearly twice as large as the black-white achievement gap. Fifty years ago, in contrast, the black-white gap was one and a half to two times as large as the income gap. ”

Thai obviously is aware that it is wrong to push for racial equity. She hid her racial equity agenda when running for BSD school board. She is hiding her racial equity agenda from 41st LD voters again. In another careful crafted article, she said she “wants to ensure that everybody in the district, regardless of race and socioeconomic class, is guaranteed access to a quality education. ” However, as we pointed out in our article, while My-Linh Thai singlehandedly pushed racial equity at BSD, and wasted millions on racial equity programs and trainings,  BSD Equity team did nothing to help low income students, the group of students that really need help. Low income students’ graduation rate dropped from 83.3% in 2014 to 76.5% in 2016!

There is a recent failed ballot initiative, I-1644, to repeal Washington State Civil Rights Act, the law that prohibits racial preferential treatment in government, including education. The powerful labor union behind I-1644 endorsed Thai. Putting the two together, one can clearly see Thai’s political motivation. However, even the the organizations behind I-1644 are afraid to tell voters their racial equity agenda. On the initiative’s web site, they are misleading voters and saying I-1644 is for equality. Racial Equity/Racial Preferential Treatment is NOT Equality. I-1644 failed to get enough support to be put on this year’s ballot. For the same reason, My-Linh Thai has to hide her racial equity agenda from 41st LD voters. She first tried to run without even publishing her campaign issues . Now, she want to hide racial equity, her true political agenda, behind carefully crafted lies. We will keep our eyes on My-Linh Thai’s never ending lies and help voters of 41st District make informed decision.


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