I-1000 is an attempt to stop ‘preferential treatment’ by bringing back different rules for different races in government contracting and hiring – eventually extending to Colleges and Universities when students apply. I-1000 seeks to repeal voter approved state initiative I-200. I-200 forbids the government from discriminating on the basis of sex or race in public education, contracting and employment.

WA Legislature enacted I-1000 on the last day of the session in order to deny a public vote on the matter. Referendum Measure 88 (R-88) has been filed with the Secretary of State on April 29th.

“Let People Vote” PAC has been formed to drive the Referendum Measure 88 campaign. The campaign has successfully submitted 213,628 signatures, much more than required 129,811 signatures, to qualify R-88 for the November campaign. Now the real fight has started. We need to educate voters that to support Equality for All, they need to Reject I-1000 on R-88 in November.

The campaign needs money to run ads, to put up yard signs. To support the campaign going forward, please donate online or by following the following instructions:

  1. Make a check payable to “Let People Vote”
  2. Donations to Let People Vote are not tax deductible
  3. Please mail your check to:

Let People Vote
15600 NE 8TH ST STE. B1-309
Bellevue, WA 98008

Very important:

  • Only US citizens or permanent residents (regardless of states) can donate
  • With your check, please attach a note showing your name, address, occupation, your employer name and city. Without these information we have to return the check to you. Or you can fill out the following coupon and attach it with your check:

People and Organizations that also oppose I-1000:

American Civil Rights Institute – Watch Mr. Ward Connerly’s recent interview on I-1000.

Project for Fair Representation

American Coalition for Equality

Asian American Coalition for Education

People living in Chinatown-International District (CID) – More than 400 citizens living in CID have signed their opposition to I-1000.

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