41st LD Candidate My-Linh Thai Going After a Small Blog Site

My-Linh Thai obviously is very bothered by a small blog site mylinh4education.org . Her campaign consulting firm filed a PDC campaign against this one month old site recently. In the PDC complaint, Thai’s campaign accused the site “biased and inaccurate attack on Thai’s record”. On the contrary, blog site mylinh4education.org , laid out facts about who Thai really is using quotes directly from My-Linh Thai herself, and publicly available data.

My-Linh Thai PDC complaint


My-Linh Thai abused her BSD Board president power, and blocked parents’ rights to speak at board meetings (see below tweet from a frustrated parent). She now wants to abuse her political campaign power to scare people away from speaking up for the truth? It remains to be seen if  My-Linh Thai, with thousands of money in the bank, and backing of Democratic party, will be able to obstruct freedom of speech.

My-Linh Thai BSD Tweet

My-Linh Thai is running for 41st District State Representative, and she is trying so hard to hide her true political agenda, and prevent people from finding out who she really is. Voters of 41st District deserve to know the true My-Linh Thai, and should NOT vote for Thai.

Update, PDC ruled on September 27th, “Based on these findings, PDC staff has determined that in this instance, no evidence supports a finding of a material violation warranting further investigation.”

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  1. Wonderful work! Please keep on sharing to voters what Thai has done that harm the Bellevue students and Washingtonians. The liberal politicians can’t abuse their power to block people from knowing the truth.


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