Follow Up Letter to UW College of Arts and Sciences Dean Requesting Teaching Professor Connie So To Be Removed From the OSPI Contract Project

On March 31, we sent a letter to the Dean of the UW College of Arts and Sciences, Dianne Harris, and requested that teaching professor Connie So be removed from an OSPI project on Americans of Chinese Descent History due to her recent xenophobic comments regarding “Americans of Chinese descent”. Seeing no action from the … Read more

Timeline of Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos’ Abuse of Power and Diverting Proviso Funds to Finance Research That Served Her Political Agenda

In 2022, the Washington legislature approved a $25,000 proviso to the OSPI solely for the development and distribution of promotional and educational materials for Americans of Chinese descent history month. Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, who is the Chair of the House Education Committee, used her power and influence to award the OSPI proviso contract to … Read more

Examining Professor So’s Problematic Research That Was Financed by Improperly Diverted Funds From the Proviso to OSPI

At the House State Government and Tribal Relations Committee public hearing on March 21, UW Teaching Professor Connie So claimed that she was “commissioned” by the OSPI “to assess the appropriate month to honor Chinese Americans, yes, Chinese Americans, not just Americans of Chinese descent”. She falsely projected an image of authority in her testimony. … Read more