Whistleblower Tips on I-1000 Petition Form Irregularity – Update 1

The Secretary of State (SOS) issued a Media Advisory today, rejected only 61 I-1000 petition sheets. This number was much lower than what our whistleblower informed us. We contacted SOS, and were given the following run down. And yes, you are reading the table correctly, I-1644 texts are on those I-1000 petition sheets. As the … Read more

In the Battle Against I-1000, Asians are the Underprivileged

Proponents of I-1000 claim that they are going after “white privilege”, and consider the Asian American Community a part of the group that has benefited from I-200. However, in the battle against I-1000, Asian Americans are the underprivileged. Asian Americans bounded together to fight against I-1000 are facing an uphill battle against special interest groups, … Read more

I-1000 Is A 21st Century Chinese Exclusion Act

75 years after Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in this country, Governor Inslee and some state legislators want to bring back Chinese Exclusion Act once more. Governor Jay Inslee issued a statement on Friday, Jan. 4th , and placed passing I-1000 by the Legislature on high priority in the 2019 session. I-1000, an Initiative to … Read more