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The AGO Bent Over Backward to Political Insiders and Issued Misleading Ballot Titles to Mollify Initiative Sponsors

If you ever wondered how could the AGO issue those misleading ballot titles, read on, through Public Record Request, we unearthed disturbing political insider dealings at the AGO. Our recent Public Record Request showed that instead of issuing impartial ballot titles that identify the propositions to be voted on, under the heavy influence of a… Read More »

Judges Ruled Based on Politics NOT on Laws in I-1000 Case

When judges abused power, ignored law, and ruled based on political interests, nobody won. The lawless rulings by Thurston County Superior Court and Washington State Supreme Court on the I-1000 lawsuit have prolong consequences for years to come: The Secretary of State did not comply with WAC 434-379-010. The sample she drew did not represent… Read More »