41st LD State Representative Candidate My-Linh Thai’s Campaign Issues

My-Linh Thai filed her candidacy for the 41st LD State Representative Position #2 back in March. However, when web site District 41 Election Guide tried to compile Thai and her two opponents’ campaign issues, they could not find what Thai cares about. Neither My-Linh Thai’s campaign web site nor her campaign Facebook page has her campaign … Read more

48th LD State Senate Candidate Rodney Tom on Education

A group of parents from the 48th LD met with State Senate candidate Rodney Tom last month. Tom’s education reform plan resonated well with this group of parents. Here are Rodney Tom’s views on education: Tom is for fully funding education. Education’s share of the state’s operating budget has grown to 51 percent, and Tom … Read more

Rodney Tom Campaign Volunteering Sign Up

This afternoon’s meet-and-greet meeting with 48th LD senate candidate Rodney Tom was very productive. Tom is challenging incumbent Patty Kuderer, the sponsor of SB 6406, the bill to repeal Washington State Civil Rights Act (I-200).  Tom clearly told people at the meeting that he does not think that repeal I-200 is necessary, and will not vote for … Read more

48th LD Senate Candidate Rodney Tom Meet-and-Greet

Please meet 48th LD Senate Candidate Rodney Tom. Tom is running for his old state Senate seat in the Eastside’s 48th Legislative District, challenging incumbent Patty Kuderer, the sponsor of SB 6406, the bill to repeal Washington State Civil Rights Act (I-200). Rodney Tom has been elected by 48th District voters four times since 2002. When he … Read more

Michael Appleby Campaign Volunteering Sign Up

Help GOP candidate Michael Appleby succeed in running for Washington State House of Representatives in the 41st Legislative District. Appleby is running against My-Linh Thai (D), and Wendy Weiker (D). My-Linh Thai has endorsements from senators that sponsored SB 6406, the bill to repeal I-200. Weiker did not respond to our inquiry about her position … Read more

All Eyes On 2018 Election Now

Less than 24 hours after state’s legislative session ended, Governor Inslee sent out email asking for donations to support Democratic elections across the nation. Yes, campaign season has started. Asian Americans will no longer be a silent voice in this year’s election. We will vote for candidates that share our values and beliefs. We will … Read more