Michael Appleby 41st District State Representative Campaign Kick Off

41st District State Representative candidate, Michale Appleby, held a campaign kick off event at Top Gun Seafood Restaurant in Bellevue yesterday. Among Appleby’s supporters are a group of Chinese American parents. Appleby had a meet-and-greet meeting with some Chinese American parents in mid-May, and earned their supports. People like his views on education, fiscal responsibility, and transportation.

Michael Appleby passionately outlined issues that he campaigns for at the kick off event:


Appleby wants to see results from our unprecedented $8 billion investment in Education.  In his own words “currently, the full benefits of this investment are not being realized, with non-optimal graduation rates and test scores.” Appleby wants to change it.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Appleby wants to stop government from spending Rainy Day Fund on sunny days. He opposes an income tax, a capital gains tax, and support a reduction in property taxes.


Appleby wants to easy traffic congestions. He wants an immediate halt to tolling on I-405 and stop tolling measures for South-405.  He wants Sound Transit Board of Directors to be elected by the people. Appleby also supports recalculating car tab fees based on real values, not inflated ones.

To find out more about Michael Appleby’s candidacy for 41st District State Representative , or to donate or sign up for volunteering, please visit Michael Appleby’s  campaign web site at VoteAppleby.com .


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