Join Referendum Measure 88 Signature Drive and Put I-1000 on the Ballot

Initiative 1000 seeks to repeal Washington Civil Rights Act (I-200) and was enacted by the Legislature on the last day of the session in order to deny a public vote on the matter. Referendum Measure 88 has been filed to put that choice where it really belongs – in the hands of the people. Referendum … Read more

An Open Letter from Asian Americans to WA State Legislature in Opposition to I-1000

To the Members of the Washington State Legislature: We, WA Asians for Equality and American Coalition for Equality, strongly believe and support equal opportunity for all, and oppose I-1000, which will bring back different rules for different races. In a recent letter to WA State legislature, APACE claims “This group (WA Asians for Equality) does not … Read more

Judges Ruled Based on Politics NOT on Laws in I-1000 Case

When judges abused power, ignored law, and ruled based on political interests, nobody won. The lawless rulings by Thurston County Superior Court and Washington State Supreme Court on the I-1000 lawsuit have prolong consequences for years to come: The Secretary of State did not comply with WAC 434-379-010. The sample she drew did not represent … Read more


Despite clear evidence to the contrary, former Managing Assistant AG and current Thurston County Superior Court Judge, Chris Lanese, hastily sided with the Secretary of State, and granted the SoS’s Motion for Summary Judgment, dismissed the case questioning I-1000 validity. “This is clearly a political move and we have filed an appeal to the State … Read more