I-200 Banned Discrimination, Now I-1000 Wants to Bring it Back

Lots of recent criticisms against President Trump is that he supports discrimination against country of origin, race, sex. People pushing for Initiative 1000 (I-1000) are trying to bring back discrimination that has been banned since 1998 in Washington state.   Which side are those people on? In 1998, voters passed Washington State Civil Rights Initiative, i.e. … Read more

Initiative 1000 Wants to Bring Back Preferential Treatment

Initiative 1000 (I-1000) is misleading voters in order to gather enough signatures to repeal Washington State Civil Rights Initiative (I-200) . The people and organizations behind I-1000 are the same ones behind the failed I-1644 . Outspent by 3 to 1, I-200 won nearly 59% of votes 20 years ago. It won in 38 of … Read more

Asian Americans Rallying Behind Senator Mark Miloscia

30th District Senator Mark Miloscia is widely considered a hero to many local Asian Americans. The video clip of him questioning Senator Bob Hasegawa during SB6406 public hearing has been widely circulated among Asian Americans with Chinese and Korean subtitles. SB6406 intended to quietly repeal I-200, an initiative that passed with 59% voter support 20 … Read more