Rodney Tom Campaign Volunteering Sign Up

This afternoon’s meet-and-greet meeting with 48th LD senate candidate Rodney Tom was very productive. Tom is challenging incumbent Patty Kuderer, the sponsor of SB 6406, the bill to repeal Washington State Civil Rights Act (I-200).  Tom clearly told people at the meeting that he does not think that repeal I-200 is necessary, and will not vote for bills seek to repeal I-200, such as SB6406. Tom discussed many education related issues with people attended the meeting. And people are pleased to learn that Tom shares many the same beliefs in education with us.

Tom’s campaign needs donations and volunteers. To donate to Tom’s campaign, please visit Rodney Tom’s campaign website, and click the DONATE tab. You need to be an US citizen or green card holder to donate. There aren’t any restrictions, for anyone, on volunteer activities such as doorbelling, as long as they are performing a service that is not compensated by anyone. If you’d like to volunteer for Tom’s campaign, please sign up below, and we’ll be in touch. We’ll work with Tom’s team to get training materials if needed.

The information your provided below will be shared with Rodney Tom’s campaign team.

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