All Eyes On 2018 Election Now

Less than 24 hours after state’s legislative session ended, Governor Inslee sent out email asking for donations to support Democratic elections across the nation. Yes, campaign season has started. Asian Americans will no longer be a silent voice in this year’s election. We will vote for candidates that share our values and beliefs. We will update candidates’ positions on key issues on our 2018 Election Watch List page.

We have couple of goals to achieve in this year’s election. First and foremost, we will rally support behind candidates that support I-200. We are contacting state legislators to get their positions on I-200, and we call for Asian American community to unite and support candidates that oppose repeal of I-200.

Secondly, we want to end one-party rule in Olympia so that neither Democrats nor Republicans can get exactly what they want because neither dominates the Legislature. Senator Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, said in this Seattle Times opinion piece:”When a single party is in control of the House, the Senate and the governor’s office, its members have the luxury of not having to consider opposing views. Debate can become meaningless and compromise unnecessary. Bipartisanship can become dispensable. Not so with divided government.” We’ll evaluate each candidate in this year’s election, and form our strategies. Stay tunes, more to come.

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