41st LD State Representative Candidate My-Linh Thai’s Campaign Issues

My-Linh Thai filed her candidacy for the 41st LD State Representative Position #2 back in March. However, when web site District 41 Election Guide tried to compile Thai and her two opponents’ campaign issues, they could not find what Thai cares about. Neither My-Linh Thai’s campaign web site nor her campaign Facebook page has her campaign issues. Thai’s opponents, Michael Appleby and Wendy Weiker all have their campaign issues clearly stated on their campaign web sites. Why? How can Thai expect voters of 41st Legislative District to support her if she cares about nothing? Or, is My-Linh Thai hiding what she cares about for fear of losing voters?

Let’s look at Thai’s track records at BSD. My-Linh Thai has secret racial equity agenda. Seattle Times praised Thai for her work on racial equity locally and statewide. Progressivevotersguide.com also states “In her first term on the school board, she singlehandedly raised the issue of racial equity in education; because of her advocacy, racial equity is now a core guiding principle of the school board.”

  • BSD now has a Department of Equity, and has developed programs focusing on students that racially identify as African, Black, Hispanic, LatinX, Native American, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander. Those programs left out a large minority group in the district – East Asian students.
  • Thai recently wanted to establish racial equity policies at BSD, and met with strong resistance from community members.  There is also a petition to recall My-Linh Thai from BSD School Board due to her racist comments toward Asian Americans.

Voters in 41st LD deserve to know issues Thai cares about.  It is time that My-Linh Thai lets voters know her campaign issues, if she has any.


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