Asian American Voters Are Waking Up

Came across this great article by Ms. Helen Raleigh today, Asian Americans Should Take Their Loyalty And Their Vote Somewhere Else. In her article, she talked about the factors behind Asian Americans’ loyalty to Democratic candidates despite “have been hurt again and again by Democrat politicians and liberal policies.” She also called for Republican party to win over Asian American votes.

At end of her article Ms. Raleigh said, “For far too long, Democrats have been taking Asian American votes and loyalty for granted. The Democrat platform is built upon redistribution of other people’s wealth and historical grievances. Asian Americans’ self made economic success and education attainment offer a clear rebuttal to such ideology. No wonder liberals now explicitly exclude Asians from their diversity outreach. Liberal policies have hurt more than benefited Asian Americans. It’s time Asian Americans take their loyalty and votes somewhere else.

And yes, we are waking up. We will only vote for candidates that represent our values. We value Equal Opportunity.  We are watching 2018 Washington state election and tracking candidates’ position on key issues.

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