Senator Bob Hasegawa Owes Asian Americans an answer

Many Asian Americans thought that they had a voice in state senate when Senator Bob Hasegawa was elected. When he announced his candidacy for Seattle Mayor race, Northwest Asian Weekly did an article covering this news.  Read the newspaper’s cover on community reaction towards Hasegawa’s run below:

[Troy Chen, a University of Washington student who attended Hasegawa’s event, said, “As a Chinese American, I support Bob who has dedicated his life to minorities and immigrants.” It’s good to see someone running the city with a progressive agenda and core values, Chen said.

“Voting to elect Seattle’s first Asian American mayor to me is an honor,” said Gei Chan. “Bob Hasegawa’s experience shows me he’s ready for the job.”]

Well, I wonder what Chen and Chan will think now knowing that Senator Hasegawa sponsored a bill (SB 6406) that will allow racial quota and preferential treatment in college admission, make it much much tougher for Asian American kids to get into state colleges.

Senator Hasegawa may be a Asian descendant . However, he does not represent Asian Americans. As a matter of fact, he does not care of Asian Americans. When questioned by Senator Mark Miliscia about the bill’s impact on Asian American community, he could not provide a straight answer. He demanded “show me”. Well, Senator Hasegawa, there have been plenty of data showing racial quota hurts Asian American kids’ chance in college and graduate school admission. Where are your data? “Show me”!



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