A great post on Racial Discrimination Against Asian

I was researching how people in California won the fight against SCA-5, and came across Mr. Ward Connerly, and his non-profit organization, American Civil Rights Institute.  Then a post by Mr. Connerly back in 2017 caught my eyes – WARD CONNERLY SHARES HIS THOUGHTS ON “RACIAL DISCRIMINATION” . Below are direct quotes from Mr. Connerly’s post:

[For me, one of the most troubling considerations about Asian discrimination is the tendency to excuse the argument that such discrimination is no big deal in view of the fact that Asians are so dominant, overall, when it comes to university admissions.

This argument, obviously, misses the most important point: The Constitution of the United States guarantees to every individual citizen a number of rights, to which we refer as “civil rights.”]

If you have time, I encourage you to read the entire post. And other posts by Mr. Connerly. He wisely pointed out that “There is no moral outrage because the purpose of this discrimination (discrimination against university applicants identified as “Asian.”) – building diversity – is considered a noble one.  And, when discrimination occurs in the course of what is considered a noble endeavor, definitions invariably change.”

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