Whistleblower Tips on I-1000 Petition Form Irregularity – Update 1

The Secretary of State (SOS) issued a Media Advisory today, rejected only 61 I-1000 petition sheets. This number was much lower than what our whistleblower informed us. We contacted SOS, and were given the following run down. And yes, you are reading the table correctly, I-1644 texts are on those I-1000 petition sheets. As the … Read more

In the Battle Against I-1000, Asians are the Underprivileged

Proponents of I-1000 claim that they are going after “white privilege”, and consider the Asian American Community a part of the group that has benefited from I-200. However, in the battle against I-1000, Asian Americans are the underprivileged. Asian Americans bounded together to fight against I-1000 are facing an uphill battle against special interest groups, … Read more

I-1000 Is A 21st Century Chinese Exclusion Act

75 years after Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in this country, Governor Inslee and some state legislators want to bring back Chinese Exclusion Act once more. Governor Jay Inslee issued a statement on Friday, Jan. 4th , and placed passing I-1000 by the Legislature on high priority in the 2019 session. I-1000, an Initiative to … Read more

Join our fight for I-200

I-1000, an Initiative to the Legislature to repeal I-200, submitted 350K signatures on Friday, January 4th, 2019. Governor Jay Inslee immediately issued a statement and placed passing I-1000 by the Legislature on high priority in the upcoming session. The upcoming fight against I-1000 and for I-200 will be a tough one. We need all the … Read more

I-200 Banned Discrimination, Now I-1000 Wants to Bring it Back

Lots of recent criticisms against President Trump is that he supports discrimination against country of origin, race, sex. People pushing for Initiative 1000 (I-1000) are trying to bring back discrimination that has been banned since 1998 in Washington state.   Which side are those people on? In 1998, voters passed Washington State Civil Rights Initiative, i.e. … Read more

Initiative 1000 Wants to Bring Back Preferential Treatment

Initiative 1000 (I-1000) is misleading voters in order to gather enough signatures to repeal Washington State Civil Rights Initiative (I-200) . The people and organizations behind I-1000 are the same ones behind the failed I-1644 . Outspent by 3 to 1, I-200 won nearly 59% of votes 20 years ago. It won in 38 of … Read more

Asian Americans Rallying Behind Senator Mark Miloscia

30th District Senator Mark Miloscia is widely considered a hero to many local Asian Americans. The video clip of him questioning Senator Bob Hasegawa during SB6406 public hearing has been widely circulated among Asian Americans with Chinese and Korean subtitles. SB6406 intended to quietly repeal I-200, an initiative that passed with 59% voter support 20 … Read more

47th LD Senator Joe Fain Met with Chinese Americans

47th District Senator Joe Fain met with a group of more than 40 Chinese Americans on Saturday, September 22nd, at Newcastle Library. Senator Joe Fain was elected in 2010, has served two terms, 8 years in senate, and is Senate Minority Floor Leader and member of Senate Republican Caucus. Education is an important topic to … Read more

41st LD Candidate My-Linh Thai Going After a Small Blog Site

My-Linh Thai obviously is very bothered by a small blog site mylinh4education.org . Her campaign consulting firm filed a PDC campaign against this one month old site recently. In the PDC complaint, Thai’s campaign accused the site “biased and inaccurate attack on Thai’s record”. On the contrary, blog site mylinh4education.org , laid out facts about who Thai really … Read more