Request a formal investigation into the Blackwell Elementary Chinese New Year incident

At the request of Chinese American parents at the Blackwell Elementary School in LWSD, we submitted the request for a formal investigation today. Below is the letter sent to Director Ortega: Dear Director Ortega, As I mentioned in my letter to Mrs. Nicholson last night, we are requesting a formal investigation into the Blackwell Elementary … Read more

Public Testimony Opposing HB 1727

HB 1727 would eliminate the statewide general election in odd-numbered years. It would effectively take away people’s constitutional right to propose and repeal laws via initiatives and referendums in odd-numbered years. We testified against it at the House committee public hearing on January 19, 2022. Below is our testimony: Thank you, Chair Valdez and members … Read more

A racial stereotyping book is used in LWSD classrooms, yet the district is slow in taking action to address Chinese community’s concerns

Last month, we received a report about a racial stereotyping book that is being used in LWSD classrooms. The book is The Cricket in Times Square. According to some Chinese students, they felt offended by content of the book. We did a research on the book, and the students were right. This book contains the … Read more

Petition Regarding LWSD Equity Policy

LWSD board will vote on the district’s Equity Policy on September 13th. Below is the latest draft: 34.9% of the school district’s students board are Asians. The voices of Asian students deserve to be heard by the school district. It is critical that you comment on the Equity Policy. If you remain silence, as one … Read more

Mahlon Meyer’s unethical plot to frame a reporting piece with preplanned agenda and attack the Chinese American community

Public Records show that NW Asian Weekly reporter, Mahlon Meyer (马一龙), grossly violated the basic journalist’s ethic code, and framed his article on Chinese American history month bill to fit his preplanned agenda. We are appalled by the April 22, 2021 NW Asian Weekly article which politicized SB 5264, the Chinese American history bill. In … Read more

Statement: Asian American Community condemns recent anti-Jewish attacks

Members of the Asian American community in Washington state are horrified by the recent attacks toward the Jewish community in cities across the US.  Those anti-Jewish attacks are completely unacceptable and must stop.  Asian Americans stand with our Jewish neighbors and friends in condemning those brutal attacks on Jewish people and all hate-based attacks or anti-Semitic propaganda, … Read more

Press Release – Chinese American Community Strongly Condemns Senate Democrat Leadership for Blocking Chinese American History Month Bill, and Says anti-Asian Racism should not Be Tolerated in Olympia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAPRIL 26, 2021 CHINESE AMERICAN COMMUNITY STRONGLY CONDEMNS SENATE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP FOR BLOCKING CHINESE AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH BILL, AND SAYS ANTI-ASIAN RACISM SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED IN OLYMPIA Bellevue Washington – April 26, 2021 – Outraged by Senate Democrat Leadership’s intentional derailment of SB 5264, the Chinese American history month bill, the Chinese … Read more

News Alert: Is reviving SB 5264 just a staged show put up by Senate Democrat? – Evidences suggest yes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAPRIL 20, 2021 Senate Democrat staged a show without the real intention to pass SB 5264, Chinese American History Month Bill Senator Democrat Leadership put their anti-Asian mindset on display Less than a week after we sent out a news alert and called out Senate Democrat’s inherent racism against Asian Americans, SB 5264 … Read more

News Alert – Democrat controlled WA Senate stalled Asian bill and let it die yet put Black bill on fast track to pass

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAPRIL 9, 2021 Senate Democrat needs to exam its inherent bias against Asians Democrat controlled Senate stalled Asian bill and let it die yet put Black bill on fast track to pass Bellevue, WA – April 9th, 2021 – Early this year, Senator Wagoner sponsored SB 5264, a bill that would declare January … Read more

Linda Yang Speech at Press Conference: Asian Americans Call on Biden Administration to Address Violence and Racism with Concrete Action

Racism against Asian Americans is nothing new. It is unfortunate that it has taken so many recent tragic incidents and deaths for Americans to wake up to the racism Asian Americans have been facing for so many years. The recent interest in anti-Asian hate crime coverage and the current public debate serves as an opportunity … Read more