Asian Americans Call on Biden Administration to Address Violence and Discrimination with Concrete Action

Asian Americans Call on Biden Administration to Address Violence and Discrimination with Concrete Action   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAPRIL 1, 2021 Bellevue, WA and Industry, CA – April 1, 2021 – A national coalition of Asian-American advocacy groups today called on the Biden administration to take concrete action to combat anti-Asian racism and violence. The leaders of the coalition will … Read more

Testimony for SB 5044

Power was out at my house. Knowing that SB 5044 could negatively impact Asian Americans in this state, I sat in my car, accessed the SB 5044 public hearing via my cell phone and waited for almost an hour for my chance to testify. Why? Because I wanted to testify in person so that my … Read more

What History Has Taught Us?

Background: We have been sending a daily reminder to the Legislature (Senator Kuderer, Senator Majority Leader, Andy Billig included) since January 24th. This is our day 12 reminder. On 1/17, Senator Kuderer used words “Chinese Fire Drill” at a committee meeting, and people at the meeting laughed after her remark.  We are offended. Why have … Read more

Appeal Filed Against the Secretary of the Senate’s Determination

Senator Patty Kuderer used racist words on January 17th at a committee meeting, and we filed a complaint against Senator Patty Kuderer on January 20ty. The Secretary of the Senate’s sided with Senator Kuderer on January 22nd. Determined to fight against racism towards Chinese Americans, we appealed to Senate Facilities and Operations Committee today. Below … Read more

Our New Year’s Resolution – We’ll Fight Against Racism Towards Chinese Americans

Today is Chinese New Year, the most important holiday for Chinese across the globe. As my family celebrates this year’s Chinese New Year, I am saddened by how we, Chinese Americans, have been mistreated this past year. We fought a very tough fight last year to protect a fundamental American principle – Equality for All. … Read more

Joint Complaint Filed Against Senator Patty Kuderer Over Usage of Racist Words

On January 20th, 2020, WA Asians For Equality and American Coalition For Equality filed joint complaint against Senator Patty Kuderer. During the January 17th Senate Housing Stability & Affordability Committee meeting, Senator Kuderer used known racist words “Chinese Fire Drill”. Senator Kuderer has the reputation of treating Chinese Americans in her district without respect. In … Read more