LWSD Blackwell Elementary Chinese New Year Incident Update

Dissatisfied with LWSD’s initial response to our Discrimination Complaint, we filed an appeal with the LWSD superintendent, Dr. Jon Holm, and the district board. On June 8th, LWSD Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Joy A. Ross sent us the district’s response to our appeal (see below). In the response, Dr. Ross stated that “Regarding apologies, Mr. Eaton extended apologies on April 1, 2022. The District acknowledges that apology in this letter. “

Mr. Eaton’s April 1st letter was sent to Chinese parents at Blackwell Elementary in response to their letter on March 21st. 62 parents from the Chinese American community at Blackwell Elementary co-signed the letter. We obtained Mr. Eaton’s letter from the District and confirmed that Mr. Eaton’s letter is the District’s official position on this incident. In Mr. Eaton’s letter, he said “I want to apologize for the impact that this incident has had on you. I have come to understand from our correspondence and meetings that the way one of our teachers wore traditional Chinese attire in celebrating the Lunar New Year was considered a form of appreciation.

Principal Eaton’s letter acknowledging the Chinese New Year incident is “a form of appreciation”.

Dr. Ross also indicated in her response on June 8th that “all public records requests concerning this matter will be forwarded to you immediately. ” After some follow-ups, we received the first batch of PRA (Public Records Act) records. However, the internal investigation communications/documents are not included in the first batch. We are still awaiting the remaining PRA records. We will update the public on the PRA findings after we receive and review them.

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