News Alert: Is reviving SB 5264 just a staged show put up by Senate Democrat? – Evidences suggest yes

APRIL 20, 2021

Senate Democrat staged a show without the real intention to pass SB 5264, Chinese American History Month Bill

Senator Democrat Leadership put their anti-Asian mindset on display

Less than a week after we sent out a news alert and called out Senate Democrat’s inherent racism against Asian Americans, SB 5264 was revived – at least on the surface. Yet, a closer look at the bills new development suggests all was a staged show put up by Senate Democrat leadership. And this time, we want to particularly call out Senate Floor Leader, Senator Marko Liias for lacking the real intention to move the bill forward.

After SB 5264 was revived, we received news that senators were expecting to vote for it by the past weekend. Yet, that did not happen. We later learned that Senator Marko Liias was the one holding the bill up again. When we say again, it literally means again. In March, Senator Marko Liias’ unwillingness to bring the bill out for a floor vote caused the bill to die at cutoff. Unlike what was described by Senator Democrat Spokesman, SB5264 was not lost in the shuffle, it was intentionally let die despite our requests and reminders.

Senator Liias sponsored SCR 8403, gave people the impression that he truly wanted to move SB 5264 forward this time. Yet, once again, he came up with various excuses to sit on SB 5264, and refused bring SB 5264 forward.  

If Senator Marko Liias’ lack of action in moving SB 5264 forward in March was a big disappointment, then his staged show to fool our community is a direct insult. 

Senator Liias’ lack of support to the Chinese American community was also on display last year, at SR 8684, Honoring Chinese Americans, floor debate. While other senators were paying tribute to the Chinese American community, Senator Liias gave an empty political speech and talked about Iranian American at Canadian boarder. 

There is no better time to pass SB 5264 than this year. We urge Senator Mark Liias and the legislature to do the right thing, and pass the bill. Time is running out. 


4 thoughts on “News Alert: Is reviving SB 5264 just a staged show put up by Senate Democrat? – Evidences suggest yes”

  1. I am 21st ld pco and Marko is a horrible representative. He supports assaults st ld meetings, he supports perjury in court by ld members all for endorsements.
    Marko must go!

    • Totally agree! There are over 13% Asians in his district, yet he would not support SB 5264? He is lost touch with his district.

  2. I just want to see an effort by our Legislature to control state spending. Please don’t raise taxes. We are taxed out of our homes now. As a senior I will be having to sell my life long home as my largest bill is the property tax and I am on a fixed income. I also will not be able to afford to drive my car due to very high tab fees and gas taxes.


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