By | July 29, 2019

Let People Vote campaign submitted 215,765 signatures to the Secretary of State by July 27th, the last day to turn in R-88 signatures. “We set a record for number of signatures backing a referendum measure.” Said Linda Yang, head of Washington Asians for Equality. “And this is also the first time in Washington State’s, or even this country’s history, that Asian Americans led the pack and sent a referendum measure to the ballot.”

“The other side have tried to paint this as a group of Asian Americans worry about losing spots at UW. This is a much broad issue. This is about the fundamental American value: Liberty and Justice for All! Race has no place in American life or law.” Yang continued.

The campaign raised more than $900K mostly from individual donors. “Close to 2,000 people donated to the campaign. This is a true grassroots campaign.” Said Yang.

Nearly 60 supporters gathered at Olympia Center on Saturday, 7/27, afternoon to celebrate this historical achievement. Mr. Ward Connerly, John Carlson, and John Alberti, all were actively involved in I-200 back in 1998, attended the event. Mr. Connerly said “I regret that we have to do this all over again… I-1000 is one of the worst bills…It will make you want to throw up almost… Poorly written, poorly designed, fundamentally at odds with the most cherish value of America, which is individual rights for every person.”

At the end of the event, the campaign announced its phase two website: RejectI1000.org. ‘Now, we’ve sent R-88 to the ballot, let’s Reject I-1000 in November.” Said Yang.


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