Reject Referendum Measure 88 (R-88), Stop Divisive I-1000

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The secretary of state certified Referendum Measure 88 (R-88) for the November ballot on August 7, 2019, after finding through a random sample verification that R-88 sponsors had submitted 184,239 valid signatures. To qualify for the ballot, 129,811 valid signatures were required.

R-88, the vote on I-1000, is on the November ballot as a veto referendum.

An approve vote supports allowing Initiative 1000 to go into effect, thereby allowing the state to bring back racial preferences.
A reject vote supports blocking divisive I-1000 from going into effect, thereby continuing to ban racial preferences in Washington.

What’s next? Reject R-88 and Stop Divisive I-1000 in November!

Initiative 1000 seeks to repeal Washington Civil Rights Act (I-200) and was enacted by the Legislature on the last day of the session in order to deny a public vote on the matter. Senator Bob Hasegawa arrogantly challenged opponents of I-1000 to collect 200,000 signatures to make a statement that the people actually want a referendum on I-1000. Well, R-88 campaign did even better than that. The campaign obtained 213,268 signatures. And voters of Washington State have spoken: “We want to reconsider this vote of the legislature and put it in front of all the people.” Senator Bob Hasegawa, and all the legislators who voted for I-1000 are out of touch with voters!

I-1000 can be summed up in one sentence: It would abolish the standard of equality for all, regardless of race, as required by I-200, and replace it with a system that uses different rules for people of different races. There is too much division in our society today.  We should minimize, not magnify our racial differences. That’s why all of us need to Reject Referendum 88 in the Fall.

The passage of Initiative 1000 is a slap in the face to veterans. One of I-1000’s unintentional consequences is that I-1000 would actually eliminates veterans’ preference in public employment that has been provided in Washington State since 1895. See RCW 41.04.010 and 73.16.010. At the April 18th public hearing on I-1000, non-partisan staff said “The initiative (I-1000) will now prohibit the use of preferential treatment with respect to veterans” .

The I-1000 proponents have no moral compass. They lied, and will continue to lie. We need your help to educate general public why I-1000 is a bad policy, and needs to be rejected in November. Please sign up below to help us win the battle to Reject I-1000 in November.

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  1. This is purely racial discrimination. Where merit is not respected, the quality of graduates come down and these lower quality graduates can provide ONLY mediocre contribution to the society. Top brains are ALWAYS assets and mediocrity must have no place in education. Period!!!


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