PRESS RELEASE – I-1000 opponents file lawsuit challenging misleading I-1300 ballot title

I-1000 opponents have challenged the ballot titles of two recent initiatives submitted by I-1000 sponsors. This afternoon, they filed another lawsuit challenging what they call the “grossly misleading” ballot title of I-1300. 

I-1300 is the I-1000 sponsor’s latest attempt to repeal the voter-passed and reaffirmed Initiative I-200, and to bring back racial preferences. Unlike I-1000, which was a clear attempt to repeal I-200, I-1300 is hiding the I-200 repeal language deeply between some hot topics: availability of a COVID 19 vaccine, use of deadly force and unemployment.

Without reading through 20 pages of text, voters would have no idea what I-1300 actually does!

The Attorney General’s Office completely omitted the critical fact that I-1300 would allow preferential treatment in hiring, public contracting, and education in its Ballot Title. Judges have repeatedly ruled that similar initiatives would either limit or remove the current prohibition on preferential treatment.

Our Press Release last Tuesday, November 10th, detailed what internal documents revealed:  Deputy Solicitor General, Alan Copsey, knowingly and improperly re-wrote a ballot title to mollify I-1300 sponsors. And Mr. Copsey continued writing biased ballot titles, including the one for I-1300, even after having been caught. The AGO was fully aware of Mr. Copsey’s breach of public trust.

Last year’s rejection of I-1000/R-88 in Washington, and the recent resounding rejection of Prop. 16, a similar measure to bring back racial preferences in deep blue California, underscores the importance of alerting voters that I-1300 would bring back racial preferences in its ballot title.

On November 3rd 2020, California voters rejected a racial preference measure like this by a 57-to-43 percentage landslide – despite the reject side being outspent by more than 15-to-1.  Voters in Washington and California, and across all political spectrums, have sent a strong message: “Don’t bring back discrimination and preferential treatment!”

In a disingenuous and desperate attempt, I-1300 sponsors renamed their initiative using Manuel Ellis’ name to give people the false impression that I-1300 is about the use of deadly force and chokeholds by police. If they had actually cared about Manuel Ellis’ cause, they would have sponsored an initiative that only focuses on the usage of deadly force and chokeholds by law enforcement.

I-1300 supporters know they cannot win if the voters are not fooled by a grossly misleading ballot title.  Their fraud will be exposed, and their trick will not work.   

We will, once again, defeat all efforts to bring discrimination and racial preferences back to Washington State.  It is time to unite our country, not divide it further as the I-1300 proponents are trying to do.  


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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work against the forces of racism. The people of Washington state are in your debt.


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