Call to Re-elect Senator Mark Mullet of the 5th LD

Last year, Senator Mark Mullet stood against pressure from his own party, and voted NO on I-1000. At the Senator Floor, Senator Mullet said that he made a verbal promise to these groups (i.e. us) before the session started and was going to hold that verbal promise and would be voting NO.

Fast forward to this year, the Democrat Party is not happy with a senator that has independent thoughts and votes. They recruited a progressive candidate, and with the backing of many unions, they want to replace Senator Mullet. On Senator Mullet’s opponent’s website, they are attacking Senator Mullet as having “regularly bucked the Democrat caucus, often being the only member to cast certain votes”. His NO vote on I-1000 is listed as a proof of his disobedience of the Democrat party. Yet, Senator Mullet’s vote clearly represented the will of his constituents. Last November, 55.3% of voters in the 5th LD voted to Reject I-1000.

Washington State Labor Council (WSLC), the main backer of last year’s I-1000, endorsed Senator Mullet’s opponent, Ingrid Anderson. And 41st Rep. My-Linh Thai also endorsed Anderson citing Senator Mullet’s vote on I-1000 as the reason for her endorsement.  

King County Democrats and the 5th LD Democrats are helping Anderson. Unions who back Anderson are dumping in money to help her campaign. Therefore Senator Mullet needs our support to pull a big win over Anderson, and beat back union interests and Seattle craziness in the coming Primary.  

If you are a registered voter in the 5th LD, please vote for Senator Mullet and turn in your ballot today. If you have friends or families who are registered voters in the 5th LD, please urge them to vote for Senator Mullet and turn in their ballot ASAP.

Even if you are a life-long Republican, please still consider voting for Senator Mullet. There is no Republican candidate running for this seat. The 5th LD Senate race is a race between a moderate, independently minded Democrat and a party Democrat.  Senator Mullet speaks to both sides of the aisle and is fiscally conservative. We need him in Olympia to fight back against those crazy progressive legislation. 

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