An Open Letter from Asian Americans to WA State Legislature in Opposition to I-1000

To the Members of the Washington State Legislature:

We, WA Asians for Equality and American Coalition for Equality, strongly believe and support equal opportunity for all, and oppose I-1000, which will bring back different rules for different races.

In a recent letter to WA State legislature, APACE claims “This group (WA Asians for Equality) does not represent the views of most Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. “There is simply no evidence to support APACE’s claim, nor could APACE provide any.

As a matter of fact, on April 18, 2019 at the House and Senate joint hearing on I-1000, close to 300 concerned Asians showed up in opposition to I-1000, in contrast to a handful of executives from special interest organizations testified in support of I-1000. And on April 22, 2019, more than 160 concerned Asians lobbied against I-1000 in Olympia, in contrast to less than 25 I-1000 supporters showed up in support of I-1000. I-1000 supporters had to cancel their planned event in Olympia due to lack of community support.

I-1000 seeks to repeal voter approved I-200 law. In this great nation of democracy, WA State legislature must let WA voters decide whether to change I-200. Elected officials are there to represent people, NOT special interest groups.  If you decide instead to pass I-1000, and deny people the vote, then we will strongly consider filing a referendum measure to bring I-1000 to the ballot to let the people decide.  

Let people vote on I-1000!

WA Asians for Equality
American Coalition for Equality

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