People are against SB 6406

Came across a piece of old news today Lawmakers consider repealing state ban on affirmative action . I like to read people’s comments to gauge people’s opinions on news topics. And sure enough, among the 60 comments, I’d say more than 95% were AGAINST SB 6406. Below are some examples taken from the site.

racism is benefitting from a system based on race, so if the system prefers minorities then minorities are racists.”

Character + capability. Forget color. Your color does not qualify you for anything. Period. You are not better you are not worse–you are just you. Prove yourself, don’t get a pass because of your skin==that’s BS.”

“The article didn’t report on the stunning lack of racial diversity in our own state legislature. Nor did the article mention that all the white legislators in favor of affirmative action have agreed to resign their positions immediately in order to make way for more people of color. Think what a wonderful example they will set with their personal sacrifice in the name of racial justice.”

“It must be OK to be racist as long as it is directed towards people of the right race. Discrimination about to be legally encouraged as long as you’re discriminating against the right people, despite a vote of the citizens calling for equal treatment. Sounds like Progessive Democrats are at it again.”

“Liberals push their racist policies everyday and don’t even realize how destructive they are.

“Everyday we move farther away from true equality where people are judged for their content of character instead of skin color.”

“So, skin color will count for more than merit? Does this mean 70% white sports teams? Oh – this train only goes one direction…”

“Another poorly written and/or biased “article”. Lefties “claim” these laws block discrimination which is not really true.

“I would have titled this “Democracy under attack; people’s right to make law threatened by small minority of State house/senate reps”

Pretty arrogant of them to try and overturn a law that was voted on. Oh, I forgot that this is Washington. Put it up for a new vote, if you can get enough signatures.”

Desiring diversity should not give preferential treatment to someone less deserving. No one should be helped or hindered by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other factor OTHER than qualifications.
All this would do is create division and ill will.

And the comments went on and on…

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